Sophie Isabella Young I dedicate this to you;
My beautiful, beautiful best friend,
it has been over six months now and I've still not seen you,
it hurts more and more everyday, the fact that you're so far away,
all I want to do is hug you and tell you I love you,
it's so hard when this pain of heart ache builds up,
me, you, cigarettes and a tea cup,
remembering and laughing at all your silly little jokes,
sitting in my garden or at your back door whilst have smokes,
I wish you knew how much I miss and love you,
I wish you knew how much I care,
I wish you knew how many times I’ve wished you were just right there,
I miss all of the good times like when we'd talk all night long,
or when we'd belt out the lyrics to a 'Swinny' song,
when we'd fall over laughing and we wouldn't know why,
all the hugs you gave me when all I'd do is cry,
I miss 'people watching' and the things we would say,
I miss that more day after day,
I miss when we'd talk for hours on end,
but I think most of all I just miss my best friend...

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