Fucking hell, I'm really bad at this blogging. I've just broken up from uni for Summer and moved back home - which means six months of shit British weather, free food and free washing and no rent. I guess I need to find myself a job to fund my smoking and drinking habit... LP X


"I really enjoy the performance aspect of porn. Some of the best sex scenes to me can be poetry, and I think sexuality can be an art form." - Kimberly Kane 

Monday 8th April 2013:
I'm back! After months and months off from blogging, I'm going to continue this! I've been so busy these last few months, I've moved to London and I'm living the dream-studying Fashion Styling and living in North London. 
Above are two photographs from a set I created as part of a project called 1,2,3,4-a project where I had to source models, style and photograph a shoot, alongside choosing the location and garments. Here I photographed the beautiful Stephanie in Shoreditch's Brick Lane. The photo shoot was styled with a Topshop black high collared dress, under a Topshop flat press studded collared leather jacket, and Topshop circle lens sunglasses...can you tell I used to work at Topshop?!
I have done quite a bit of Photography work whilst in first year at uni, I will be updating my blog with an insight to my work. 
I hope you have had a fabulous Monday, 
                                                             Lily-Peaches X

Lana for H&M

Lana Del Rey is the new face of H&M.
Chloe Bowers, H&M PR Manager, said: ‘We were looking for a style icon and singer to model our fall collection and so Lana Del Rey was the perfect choice.

‘We think she shows our fall fashion in a very inspiring way.’