Okay so I don't usually write on my blog anymore as I've swayed towards the photography side of things but I thought I would for a change. First of all I just want to say a huge thank you to all of you little stars for 'following' me, it really does mean a lot to me. I have had such a beautiful summer spent with my amazing adorable beautiful boyfriend who I love very much. He simply is my best friend as well as my boyfriend, and I know that sounds so cliche but he really is. I'm currently out of work so late last night I was researching what I would like to do. I'm currently seeking any kind of work whilst alongside my college course and I'm really eager to experience work in the fashion magazine industry. I'm really missing my best friend who currently lives in Switzerland, Basel. Her name is Sophie Isabella, I recently sent a beautifuly wrapped package for her, Dazed and Confused magazine, ZOO magazine (which isn't zoo as is in tits and blondes but as in the fashion photography magazine!), Yves Saint Laurent lipstick, Lindt chocolate and Twinings English Breakfast tea bags along with a post card all wrapped up in pale pink vintage bird and flower print wrapping paper. She was so thankful for the surprise which made it all the more exciting. I really do miss her so I wanted her to know how much I love and apprechaite her. I've currently just had lunch, carrot and corriander soup from marks and spencers and brown bread. And I'm finding it so exciting to make tea in my new tea pots, although I don't actually every drink it all before it goes cold, it's just exciting and it looks so pretty! I've been filling my afternoon with looking at every single blog which is in my 'favourites' -I completely love looking at them, and reading them. I've absolutely loved sleeping in late, going out for the day and going for drinks and cooking dinner with my boyfriend but I figure I'm ready to go back to reality and start working again, I'm starting projects of my own and looking into exciting things to do in my gap year.