Here is a link to a Video from VICE magazine/VICE STYLE about three girls who are independent fashion bloggers, the video is really lovely the link is here

Alice, Letty and Louise are a trio of independent bloggers whose love for fashion and blogging has recently brought them together in an interesting initiate, reversing the more common media model by using their existing blogs as a launchpad to start their fanzine, entitled 'HOT & COOL'. They are each successful and well known in their individual capacity as bloggers. Alice uses her blog, 'Cool and Beauty', to document her daily sartorial selections and her general reflections on fashion. Her site is Pop Magazine approved. Letty's blog, 'Letty Schmiterlow', is an amalgamation of Letty's comments on everything from fashion to music to �lm. She is also a very talented photographer, which is a skill that her blog enables her to showcase. 'Love Visions' is Lousie's creation, which she uses to docucment her life.
Celestine Cooney is Fashion Director of bi-annual TWIN Magazine. She moved to London in 2003 to work for Dazed & Confused and now contributes for a number of international publications including Vogue and V Magazine. Celestine has worked with every high profile photographer around, from Rankin to Sam Taylor Wood, and has styled celebrities including Jude Law, Daisy Lowe, James McAvoy and M.I.A.

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