Friday 8th April 2011 12:42PM

It's Friday! Sorry for my lack of blogging recently, I'm really busy with my studies at the moment as it's coming towards the end of the year! I do update my tumblr a lot more though, here is the link -it's the same clean style, fashion youth type of blog although just photography based and updated a lot more! This week I got the photographs printed of the photo shoot I did with my beautiful friend Hannah, the photos are amazing, she's absolutely perfect. I will post a few of them today. Also I started a Flickr account, just somewhere to keep all my photographs that I've taken so I will be working on that next week. I received a lovely gift voucher from VICE last week too, for American Apparel, so I'm going to buy something this afternoon, it'll probably be something black and something mesh-knowing me. Also tonight me and the boy are going to cook dinner together and chilllllll, the weather is so beautiful and the sun is shining! Tomorrow I'm meeting my beaut best friend Brett and me and him will probably go and sit in a beer garden and smoke and eat the day away! I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and makes the most of this British sunshine! Love LILY XXX