So this week has been lovely, Wednesday 19th was mine and my boys first yearly anniversary. We went for pizza and nachos at the Broadway and then watched the most beautiful film, Blue Valentine. I'm currently an emotional wreck, so I was crying all the way through it and has left me in pieces. If you haven't already see it, then you really should. It reminds me of Factory Girl, which is another of my favourites. There is also a really beautiful song in the film called, You and me by Penny and the Quarters, I'm just listening to it on repeat, under a dim light smoking a cigarette perfect. After the film we went to Saltwater for cocktails and sat on the balcony, it was beautiful.

I've been really busy at college, trying to finish my art work, but everytime I get an idea in my head, I think of something else to do, I'm seriously going to have to showcase like 6 pieces! I think I'm going to have to settle on my parcel tape dress! Or the beer bottles and lights, mmmm. This week I also went to London, that was cool.

Here is the trailer for Blue Valentine and the song 'You and me' LOVE X

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